Manuscripts and Methods (PDF)

Manuscripts and Methods (PDF)

Essays on Editing and Transmission

Reeve Michael D.,

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Michael Reeve’s work since the mid 1970s on the textual traditions of classical authors has brought him into the forefront of debate on editorial aims and methods. From the outset he has championed both stemmatic method and historical approaches to manuscripts. He assembles here 18 articles, published from 1983 to 2009, in which he deals not so much with particular traditions as with methodological questions; two unpublished pieces are added. The collection ranges from the identification and status of autographs to the use of computer programmes for classifying witnesses; it includes comparative studies of genealogical classification in textual scholarship, historical linguistics, biology, and the analysis of ‘folk tales’.

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Pagine xviii-434

Anno 2011

Numero in collana 270