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Translation, 1


Editore: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura

Recent developments in our contemporary world (globalization, interculturalism, global and transcultural communication through the web) are challenging every traditional concept of translation. It is time to go beyond the traditional borders of the discipline, and even beyond interdisciplinary studies, and inaugurate a transdisciplinary research field with translation as an interpretive as well as operative tool.Today, translation has to be considered as a transformative representation of, in, and among cultures. Translation is poised to become a powerful epistemological instrument for reading and assessing cultural exchange. We imagine a new era that could be termed Post-Translation Studies, an era of fundamental transdisciplinarity. Translation invites new thinking about what translation is today, about where translation occurs, and about how we can find new words to speak about translation. Visit Translation‘s istitutional website.

Inaugural Issue and nr. 1 now availables.